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Linking in a lightwell

The framework is in position for the 4 x 2m glass pane that will provide a view from the long, lower ground hallway through to the lightwell. The glazed double doors next to this feature window will provide a further view and entrance to the light well off the hallway. The 20m long hallway will have no other natural light so it is important that the space is open and bright.

Gamekeepers Lodge balcony
#Millboard enhanced grain in Smoked Oak

The blue bricks on the outer wall of the light well provide a link with the rest of the architecture on this contemporary home. They complement well with the planned flooring, #Millboard composite decking in Smoked Oak, which being hand moulded has the look and feel of real wood but is a longer lasting choice. It will also be used on the balcony. Sustainably made in the UK, by a family business, it feels like the right flooring for a woodland setting despite ironically not containing any wood!

I used it on my last project in London and after watching a previous timber deck become splintered, warped and discoloured by the pollution from overhead planes I am pleased to say that the latest London deck is still looking pristine.

The back wall of the light well will be skimmed with plaster and washed white. The textures of stone, from the blue brick and wood from the Millboard decking are already present in this small space so to add a third texture feels like over compensating.

The white wall will reflect light and by positioning two rectangular wall panels, made to look like art by #Vistagreen on the wall it reduces the need to use up valuable floor space by planting a tree.

Don't get me wrong, I love trees and any excuse to balance our CO2 emissions but with a three acre woodland behind the house to maintain I'm not feeling as if we need to add another tree in here. So low maintenance greenery and space maximisation are key for this light well.

Gamekeepers Lodge lighting
Lighting by

Lighting will ensure that this outdoor space still feels like part of the house after dark.

Coupled with some minimalist outdoor furniture the aim is to ensure the light well is as much an indoor living space as possible.

Being able to move seamlessly from the light well though to the home gym, to master bedroom's ensuite bathroom or into the long hallway to the other bedrooms is all about making bringing this outdoor space in.

Gamekeepers Lodge light well
#Fermob makes a contemporary space comfortable

The light well will be a delightful place to pass though, sit with a coffee or view from the hallway. For any help with your own designs send an e-mail to

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